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    INCI: Lavandula Angustifolia / L. Officinalis / Lavandula veraAlpine Variety (Mont Blanc)Origin: Produced from the leaves of the plant and even from their surface. France - Bulgaria - United KingdomIndications:...
    From €3,50
  • ORANGE e.o 10ml

    INCI: Citrus Aurantium var.SinensisOrigin: Produced from the skin of the fruit, Algeria - Spain - Latin AmericaIndications: Amazing for maintaining normal skin. It acts as a balancer on the skin...
  • SANDALWOOD e.o 10ml

    INCI: Santalum AlbumOrigin: Produced from the wood of the tree of the same name. The most fragrant trees are grown in East India.Indications: A very gentle and healing oil, widely...
  • LEMON e.o 10ml

    INCI: Citrus LimonCold pressedOrigin: Produced from lemon peel. Spain- ItalyIndications: Very aromatic, stimulant. They are great for oily skin.Contraindications: Phototoxic. Non-toxic otherwise. May cause irritation to sensitive skin.Synergy with other...
  • CINNAMON e.o 10ml

    INCI: Cinnamomum ZeylanicumOrigin: It comes mainly from Asian countries and is produced both from the trunk and the leaves of the tree. CAUTION!! Safe essential oil is that which is...
  • JASMINE p.o

    INCI: Jasmine Officinale Perfume OilAromatic oil with high content of essential oilIt is especially useful as it can be used diluted in an almond oil base for rubbing in cases...
  • ROSE P.O.

    INCI: Rosa Damascena Perfume OilAromatic oil with high content of essential oil.Aroma tender, tonic and soothing.
    From €5,50
  • ROSEMARY e.o 10ml

    INCI: Rosmarinus OfficinalisOrigin: Produced from the flowering edges of the plant. Spain- Tunisia.Indications: Excellent in cases of oily skin. Hair tonic, excellent against dandruff and hair loss. Also beneficial in...
  • MINT e.o 10ml

    INCI: Mentha x PiperitaOrigin: Produced from the leaves of the plant. The largest exporter at the moment is America.Indications: Very fragrant. Refreshing and anti-inflammatory. Ideal for space fragrances and limb...
  • TEA TREE e.o 10ml

    INCI: Melaleuca alternifoliaOrigin: Produced from the leaves of the tree. AustraliaIndications: Antimicrobial, ideal for oily skin cases. Excellent in treating acne. Can be used topically and insoluble (CAUTION !! Only...
  • PINE e.o 10ml

    INCI: Pinus SylvestrisOrigin: Produced from pine needles. Scotland-Russia-Scandinavia-AustriaIndications: It is considered as the strongest air antiseptic, while a significant improvement of burns has been observed with its use. Ideal for...
  • BERGAMOT e.o 10ml

    INCI: Citrus BergamiaCold PressedOrigin: Produced from the bergamot peel. ItalyIndications: Very fragrant, widely used in perfumery. Good for dry and oily skin. Whitening.Contraindications: Phototoxic, otherwise non-toxicSynergy with other essential oils:...
  • NEROLI e.o 10ml

    INCI: Citrus Aurantium var. Amara3% solution in Almond OilOrigin: Produced from the flowers of orange or elm. Algeria- Spain- Latin AmericaIndications: It balances the skin and maintains its elasticity. Suitable...
  • VIOLET p.o 10ml

    INCI: Violet Perfume OilAromatic oil with high content of essential oil.It has soothing, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antidepressant, and soothing properties. It is still used as an aromatic space.Suitable for dry &...
  • EUCALYPTUS e.o 10ml

    INCI: Eucalyptus GlobulusOrigin: Produced from the leaves of the tree. Spain- China- PortugalIndications: Excellent for inhalations, ideal for ointments and massage oils for colds. Laxative and Antimicrobial. The Eucalyptus Radiata...
  • ROMAN CHAMOMILE e.o 10ml

    INCI: Chamaemelum nobileOrigin: Produced from the tops of flowers. United Kingdom - HungaryIndications: Ideal and safe for children. Relaxing, slightly hypnotic, good for sensitive skin conditions.Contraindications: Non-toxic, but to be...
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