Eco-cast non-toxic water based casting compound

Top quality two component material useful for making objects by casting like bowls, plant pots, tea-light holders, candle holders, soap dishes, coasters, dishes, little statues, fridge magnets, amulets, candle containers etc.

Non-toxic, odorless, looks like natural stone.

Very easy to use suitable for many techniques like mosaic, terrazzo, swirling, can be mixed with sand, iron powder, glass shards.

If coated by a special varnish it becomes water resistant for example for making plant pots or soap dishes.

Better than plaster resistant to breaking and with a smooth surface.

Two component material one liquid resin and one mineral powder, mix one part liquid with two parts powder, add any filling material, mix again and empty in the mold taking care to avoid air bubbles. Working time 10 minutes and hardening time 40 minutes. No shrinkage.

Color off-white can be colored with our pigment colors

Can be finished with sand-paper wet or dry and surface painted with acrylic colors and varnished